Company profile

SOHAG stock company was founded in 1993 with a focus on the production of precision parts for the automotive industry. The company initially specialized in CNC turning, but began to expand its production capabilities with CNC milling and drilling in 2003. At present, SOHAG has 4 milling and 7 turning machines and offers the manufacture of rotating machinery parts with a diameter of 80 mm to 400 mm and non-rotating parts weighing up to about 25 kg.

SOHAG stock company has built a solid position in the market of machined parts for various industries, with emphasis on hydraulic and automotive applications.


The company’s priority has always been the manufacture of machined parts of the highest quality. Successful export to foreign markets and supplying demanding domestic customers is confirmation of achieving and sustaining this goal. A high quality standard is based on the professional and responsible approach of all workers, modern inspection equipment and the application of a certified quality management system.


Comprehensive provision of services is a matter of course for SOHAG when addressing customer requirements. Starting with material (metallurgical semi-finished products, forgings, castings) through heat treatment (hardening, annealing, cementing) and cooperative machining (shaping, grinding etc.) to the final finish (zinc coating, chroming, phosphating, nitriding, etc.), the company provides all these processes in cooperation with proven partners.


The company has been engaged in the manufacture of precision machined parts since 1994. The experience gained through continuous supply to demanding markets, such as the automotive or hydraulic industry, is fully available to all customers when assessing orders and during production.
The company collaborates with customers when developing new parts or optimizing machining costs of existing parts.


  • December 1993, setting up the company METEC, a.s.
  • 1994, start of production in Kyjov
  • 1995, acquisition of CNC turning machines SPT32 CNC and SPU20 CNC / Kovosvit
  • 1997, acquisition of three lathes SPR63 NC / ZPS Zlín
  • 1999, moving manufacturing operations to larger premises in Vlkoš
  • 2000, acquisition of a S80 CNC lathe machine / ZPS Vsetin
  • 2001, acquisition of a hand-held SMART/Thome 3D measuring device
  • 2001, obtaining ISO 9002 certificate
  • 2003, recertification to ISO 9001 and certification according to ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001
  • 2003, company name changed to SOHAG, a.s.
  • 2003, acquisition of a vertical milling machine VF2/HAAS – expansion of production capabilities with milling and drilling
  • 2003, acquisition of a CONTRACER CV 3000 / Mitutoyo digital profilometer
  • 2004, acquisition of an H40 / ZPS Tajmac horizontal milling machine
  • 2004, acquisition of a Crysta-Apex / Mitutoyo 3D CNC measuring device
  • 2005, acquisition of an H40 / ZPS Tajmac horizontal milling machine
  • 2006, acquisition of an SJ 401 / Mitutoyo digital roughness measuring device
  • 2009, acquisition of a 5-axis lathe TC800 / SPINNER with driven tools, Y axis and counter spindle
  • 2012, acquisition of 2 CNC lathes GT250 CNC / YCM and decommissioning of 2 old SPR63NC lathes
  • 2014, acquisition of an NH450 CNC / YCM horizontal milling
  • 2015, acquisition of a GT380 CNC / YCM lathe

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